TBOX.AU Dedicated Australian Responder Toolbox (DART) at this stage is a volunteering project & mission founded, created, programmed & coded by experienced & skilled weather & technology expert SEQ Scotty. The focus area for responder toolbox is my country of birth Australia. The Australian Responder Toolbox mission is to help save lives by coding cutting edge high quality community oriented apps & portals that will be available to use in the toolbox once complete. These intelligent apps will help with everyday planning & management of safety to emergency and crisis response.

You’re likely familiar with the term “first responders” these are specialists, authorities, doctors & nurses, paramedics, SES, RFS and other community groups who respond quickly in an emergency or crisis to save lives. They are amazing and brave people.

Though everyone is a responder we all need to respond fast to developing situations to minimize loss of life & property. Having a dedicated Australian responder toolbox (DART) will help all responders monitor developing situations and respond with the best information possible to upcoming, present & past situations.